We offer a full range of services from managing da-to-day to consulting on your new build or renovation. We have the right team here that are willing and ready to help.

  • Day-To-Day Operations Management: Main Street Seniors will help your community, and the people who live and work in it, reach their full potential. We are a family-run operation and make sure everyone we serve feels the same way. As each consulting engagement is unique, we customize our strategy and solutions based on our client’s individual needs and expectations, including culture change if we need to. We believe in the continued lifelong growth and vitality of all employees and seniors and that the culture of every facility should reflect this. This is the resident’s home and where our employees spend a vast majority of their time, so we will strive to serve everyone to ensure they are treated with dignity, honor, and respect.
  • Technology: We understand how to integrate technology in order to improve and enhance to give your residents a better quality of life. We stay up to date on the best platforms, applications, and software for your community.
  • Marketing: We have experience in creating effective marketing and sales strategies to grow and maintain occupancy in all levels of care. Because of our strong emphasis on sales and marketing efforts, we produce fast fill-ups and high occupancy rates to achieve high appraisals for resells or refinances.
  • Engagement: CSL residents engage, connect, and celebrate through social, spiritual, and recreational activities. We go above and beyond when making sure our residents are living a life of fulfillment. Engagement along with our Dietary care is vital in our model.
  • Care: We can help you create personalized programs to enhance your residents’ lives. We believe that there are multiple ways to make this happen and that not every place or market can be all the same way.  Our solutions that can enhance your current plans include Care Steps, Your Choice, and even an All-Inclusive model.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We have had extensive experience in the areas we serve, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, while being focused has allowed us to be experts in these markets, we are always willing to grow and serve other states as needed.
  • Risk Management: With our experience, we understand that there must be resident and employee systems in place to minimize the risk in what we all do. We have established guidelines that have helped us avoid penalties and we have an HR department that has had success at this for decades. Putting systems and policies in place to ensure our exceptional results.
  • Human Resources: As mentioned above our HR has an impeccable track record due to the leadership tied to innovative systems and procedures that help us to surpass expectations, making us experts in employee relations, compensation, hiring, training, development, and team building.
  • Accounting/Finance: We have proven financial tools to effectively and efficiently manage your community, from conception to budgeting to execution.
  • Facilities – We believe that in order to feel good, you need to look good. This goes to why we maintain a high level of maintenance both restorative and preventative. A clean, safe workplace is a much better and healthier place where you look forward to, not despise going.

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