Our Philosophy and Plan

Main Street Seniors is a full-service consulting firm. We are here to help support your efforts no matter what stage your senior living community finds itself. We help all types of communities both local, regional, and national.  Below are some of the many solutions we offer to communities.  We tailor-make our process so that we can meet the goals set for by our clients.

  • Review of current business
    • Analyze where you stand as compared to relevant local communities and nationwide averages.
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses.
    • Review complete offering and pricing models for the immediate market.
    • Review complete compliance documentation and State requirements.
  • Market Review
    • Review where the current market is, where your community is ranked among them as compared to your competition.
    • Review overall Senior Market analysis
    • Look at the competition and determine where you fall based on your offering and product mix. A complete evaluation to see if we are offering what the market is demanding, or do you need to adjust.
  • Facility Review
    • Complete physical evaluation of your facility.
    • Set up complete asset inventory and condition system including all state requirements.
  • Sales and Marketing Review
    • Review current Sales Plans and goals
    • Review benchmarks for attaining all set ownership goals.
    • Make appropriate changes to the sales plan and create a new sales plan that reflects the owner’s expectations and goals.
    • Review current Marketing Plan and make needed suggestions and changes to ensure all required deliverables can be met and maintained.
  • Operational Review
    • Functional Review as well as a complete Policy and Procedure Review
    • Staffing review and make appropriate recommendations to help set manage expectations.
  • Resident and Staff Surveys
    • Survey Residents to see how you are doing. What you are doing well so we can replicate that, and what you are not doing very well so we can make suggestions on change
    • Survey Staff to better understand, climate, environment, and safety. Review all concerns and positives so we know how to help you build on your successes.

If you are in need of help and guidance, please contact us today to set up a time to evaluate your current situation.